History of DL Clark Company and Teaberry Gum

Remember the gum you chewed as a kid? Yes, I am talking about Teaberry Gum! Its history is quite interesting. It took quite a bit of internet hiking to find any information on it. You can purchase it in a variety of places, but to find the history is a different story. I had to go back to Teaberry Gum roots (pun intended).

It was distributed by the D.L. Clark Company. David Lytle Clark was born in Ireland in 1864 and came to the U.S. in 1872. If you are familiar with Irish and American history of the 1800’s, you will know that the Irish that had the luck-of-the leprechaun were able to escape the terrible potato blight and famine during the 1840’s. By 1872, though the famine had ended twenty-one years earlier, there was still a great exodus from Ireland to America, the great Land of Opportunity! pittsburgh seo company

Again, if you know your American history, you will know that the Irish were neither well loved nor received. They were coerced into taking the jobs “no one with dignity” would take. They had to do undignified things like cleaning up after the horses, and becoming policemen. Though being a police officer now is a respectful career, in those days it was not.

This young entrepreneur, after working for three years in the candy industry, was able to procure a wagon, horses, and the tools necessary to go into the candy business for himself. Thus, by 1886, the D. L. Clark Company was founded. He left New York and started selling his wares on the streets of Pittsburgh. By 1920, the D. L. Clark Company was making well over 100 varieties of candy, including several five-cent bars, specialty items and a bulk candy line. By 1921, Clark was also manufacturing chewing gum in a building across the street from his candy factory. During his lifetime, Clark became the leading distributor of candy and gum. He passed away on February 3, 1939 and is burie


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