How to Take a Vacation For Entrepreneurs

These SOS (Success on a Shoestring) TIPS focus on ways to keep your business thriving while you take a vacation. Taking time away from your business can be challenging for entrepreneurs,especially people who work alone. Of course you can keep doing your business electronically but that’s no vacation!

1.Find a virtual assistant (Google “virtual assistant” to find one in your area) or responsible friend who will serve as a contact point for your customers while you are away. Your assistant doesn’t have to know all about your business but can be briefed on what kinds of issues you need to be alerted about. drivingschoolintoronto

2.Notify your customers/clients well in advance of when you will be away. Let them know how to reach your virtual assistant or someone else if they need help.

3.Use an “out of office” responder on your email.

4.Put a message on your phone that you are temporarily unavailable and that customers can call your assistant if they need help.

5.Have your assistant or trusted person check your voicemail/email and contact customers if needed. Then they can contact you if it is a critical situation. All voicemail and email can be checked from the assistant’s location. temp-mail

6.Check to see if any of your trip can be written off as a business expense. Contact your accountant for details.

7.Have the post office hold mail while you are gone. It can be delivered when you return on the day you specify. (1800-ASK-USPS for details).

8.Clear off your desk before you leave so you will have a clean slate to come home to.
Then all that’s left to do is Have a Great Vacation!


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