What Does the Ultimate Business Team Look Like?

When I was younger and involved in sports I was on all different types of teams. For the first 4 years that I was involved with organized sports from the time I was 9 till 12 Every team I participate on was undefeated champs. It was really remarkable to part of a group like that. I was involved with Football Wrestling and and Track, but mainly my focus was Football. sokaworld

We were not the types of teams that would dominate with speed or size we would execute and win because we worked as a team. I then moved to a new town when I was 13 and got involved with teams that had never won before. To say it was a culture shock was an understatement.

Again it wasn’t so much that the talent was worse it was the fact the the team was dysfunctional and did not operate well together. The was no consistency in the practice, the drills, the play calling. The players on the team were not used in the positions that would serve the team the best. So when times would get tough on the field the players had nothing to rely on. Nothing in their minds that they could think well we will com ack and win because we can run these plays or do these things consistently. kinmagazine

As I went on to high school and college teams I was a part of some pretty successful turn arounds. When I came to my high school they had never had a winning season in football in their history. My last 3 years all were winning seasons. My wrestling team was 0-10 in dual meets and last in the district, my senior year we were 10-0 and Champs of our Division. When I went to Wrestle in College the team had a losing record my last 2 years we were State and Conference Champions. businesschamp

It was interesting to be involved in building champions from losing teams and that is what I do now. I come into organizations that are dysfunctional and identify there challenges and help them turn around. A Ultimate team will identify the strengths and weaknesses of their people and put those people in the best position for them and the organization to succeed.

Teams Build upon their successes and come to trust and rely on the people around them. There are simple inexpensive assessment tools you can use to evaluate your talent and maximize there potential by putting them in the best position for them to succeed. Turnover is reduced by 50% in organizations that we work with because people understand they are part of something special and something that will grow and succeed. businesssalt

Once you have the proper people in place it is easy from there. You put in place lead generation systems that supply you with a flood of people looking to buy your product. You marketing is setup so that people are educated and ready to buy when they contact you. You have a Sales system in place to address the customers needs and you follow up with great customer care and a personal touch. For more info please visit these sites:- https://mibabyshower.org/


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