What Is Aluminium Free Deodorant?

As the name suggests they are deodorants (and anti perspirants) that are made without the use of aluminium as an ingredient. The next two obvious questions are – why would this be an important consideration when choosing a deodorant? And should I avoid aluminium in my deodorant products? copart

This article will attempt to answer those important and relevant questions. Firstly – why would aluminium content be an important consideration when choosing a deodorant?. The answer to this largely resolves around the belief / theory that aluminium salts may be linked to some forms of cancer (i.e. they may be carcinogenic). By applying deodorants that contain aluminium you are essentially smearing aluminium salts directly onto your skin where they may well be absorbed across into the bloodstream. At this point in time the linkage to cancer is purely theoretical and no definitive studies exist that have irrefutably proven a causal linkage between the two. However many people now believe the sensible option is to err on the side of caution and therefore to avoid the use of deodorants that contain aluminium.

Linked to the above point is the fact the many aluminium free deodorants are also free form a group of chemicals knows as Parabens. Parabens are very widely used in the cosmetic and toiletries industries as preservatives. They have been linked with a range of health problems, notably breast cancer, skin irritation, allergic reactions and interaction with oestrogen levels. They have also been linked to accelerated skin ageing and damage (particularly when exposed to high levels of sunlight). Whilst there is a body evidence to support these health worries it is not yet sufficiently robust to be absolutely conclusive. Unsurprisingly due to the widespread use of this chemical group the cosmetic industry strongly refutes any linkage between health problems and Parabens. Again a cautious consumer may do well to avoid products with such ingredients until the scientific debate is finally settled. woles4d

This leads us onto the second question that was posed – should I avoid aluminium in my deodorant products?. Unfortunately the answer this question is not definitive – it largely depends on two factors, do you believe there is a health risk in such usage? (and the evidence on this is divided) and will the aluminium free products meet your deodorising needs?. There is some debate as to whether aluminium free products are as effective those that contain aluminium. Consensus seems to indicate that overall aluminium free products are not as strong as other deodorants however this should present a problem to the vast majority of people. However if you suffer from conditions such as hyperhidrosis where excessive sweating occurs then these products may not be suitable. It is also claimed that many of these so called “natural” alternatives are not only less effective sweat inhibitors but also more likely to cause skin irritations and rashes, again the evidence for this is anecdotal and no in depth scientific evidence exists. Aluminium kozijnen

At the end of the day it boils down to personal choice – if you want to be extra sure about your health and you do not have an excess sweat problem then you are probably better selecting a Paraben / Aluminium free deodorant.


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