Combating Monster Of Cyber Crime

Advancement in information technology has come up with a new form of crime.
A severe crime which requires no arms and ammunition, no gunfire, no killings but consequences are equally harmful, even more harmful.
This new crime is committed sitting on computer and this time criminal are not unskilled and untalented but are highly talented people.
cyber crime generally refers to criminal activity where a computer or computer network is used as a tool.
Computer crime can broadly be defined as criminal activity involving the information technology infrastructure, including illegal access, mostori illegal interception, unauthorized damaging, deletion, deterioration, alteration or suppression of computer data, systems interference.
cyber crimes have a wide arena. Few of the most committed cyber crimes are financial crimes, pornography, data stealing, email spoofing, forgery.
Every day a new dimension of cyber crime is coming in light.
Experts are really working hard to combat this monster. New security measures are being taken. More secure computer softwares are being produced which are more immune to such malevolent attacks.

Prominent forms of cyber crimes

Financial crimes
This includes cheating, credit card frauds, money laundering etc. Attackers use various techniques to lure internet users. By using these evil techniques, akunprothailand they get credit card numbers and other account details of users. The innocent net users remain totally unaware of the crime and their hard toiled money is taken away from their electronic accounts.Fast processing and online transaction facilities which are very useful otherwise,turns to fatal for account owners.
But your little awareness and precautions can save you from entrapping in such hazards. Don’t trust strangers blindly and before sharing any such personal information with anyone make proper investigation about his/her police records, bank records and his/her crime records if any. For your more comfort, you are not required to go private detectives for asking her help. You can do all of necessary investigation while sitting your home.
A complete set of online investigation can really turn helpful for you. Free versions of such tools are available on many online investigation tools. For more good, these online tools do not need any special training for operating .Anyone can operate these tools.


This includes pornographic websites, pornographic photos produced using computers (to publish and print the material) and the Internet (to download and transmit pornographic pictures, photos, writings etc). Advancement in telecommunications and it’s merging with information technology has fueled porn activities. People especially parents of young children are required to be more cautious so as they may save their children from any such attacks. Constant alertness is the best way to tackle this crime. For more info please visit these sites:-
Data Theft: Most of the organizations keep data related to their clients and customers electronically stored.
Companies keep record of their upcoming projects, defense organizations keeps records of their operations. Means, highly confidential data is stored on computers .If a intruder gets this highly crucial and confidential information ,he may sell it to some other person or organization which may misuse the data.
Although such attacks are not easy for external attackers but an attacker who is well known of your organization or working with your organization, may really cause a great loss to you. Companies and organizations are required to be cautious from such internal attacks.
New employees should be recruited only after making proper investigation of their background details, their police records, criminal records etc.
Such investigations can be done within minutes by using online investigation tools available on various investigation sites.


Counterfeit currency notes, postage and revenue stamps, mark sheets etc can be forged using sophisticated computers, printers and scanners. Criminals use such techniques for making easy and fast money. Use of computers, and high quality scanners and printers helps criminals in making fake notes, stamps, which causes heavy financial loss to victims as well as to nation. In fact, this has becoming a booming business involving thousands of dollars.
Email spoofing
A spoofed email is one that appears to originate from one source but actually has been sent from another source. Your enemy may spoof your e-mail and can send obscene messages to all your friends in your friend list.This may spoil your relationships with your friends or even may harm your business relationships. Email spoofing may also make misuse of your mailing account for spreading rumors, for threatening people. All of this comes under criminal activities.
Your persistent alertness and use of up to date techniques can help you against such crimes. Your little carelessness may leave you entrapped and you may become an easy pray for cyber criminals.
You may investigate minute details about any person; advance detective tools may turn into good weapons for combating against cyber crime.You may get a large variety of easy to use tools on internet.


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