Role of Sun in the Healing of Ailments

For as long as there have been poets there have been voices telling us that the heart is a seat of consciousness. For as long as Anyone has received a message from the God that created them they have reported back to us to “listen to your hearts”. Each train of religious thought references the heart as a vehicle for discernment.

Ever see what the Dalai Lama does when he replies “I see.” or, bunnydirectories “I understand!”? Why, he looks you right in the eyes and places his hands over his heart. Does he know something we don’t? How could he? Everybody and their Aunties have been telling us as long as we’ve had ears that the heart has a greater place in our consciousness than we allow ourselves to embrace.

It hasn’t always been like this. Somewhere along the line, though not exactly discredited, the thought of living within and using the consciousness of the heart took a major back seat to, well, the thought that the brain is the center of our ability to receive, process and assimilate information.

Lyrically, all the information is there. In fact, the concept is a part of our shared human experience, regardless the language, custom or orientation. What’s exciting is that today, science is beginning to cut loose and reveal to us empirically what we have always known — in our hearts, of course!

Dr. Joseph Chilton Pearce, a pioneer in the distillation of scientific research as it is applied to human development (and especially childhood education) is the author of The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Exploring the Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child, Magical Child Matures, Bond of Power and Evolution’s End. He has been gathering information from scientific studies around the globe that provide strong evidence that heart-consciousness is much more than just a metaphor.

There is more than enough data available to begin using what has been learned and to begin to apply it to real-life experience. Much of my own distillation process I owe to the work of Dr. Pearce, who has given me permission to share information based on his lecture materials.

We hear of test-tube babies. In reality, that’s only where they get their very first start. Unless the fertilized egg is implanted into the womb of a mother-host very soon, it will die. Why? Because this new organism cannot become viable until, literally, the spark of life is passed on to it from another living organism of its kind. Life itself, the spark of life of which we all share, has been received by the offspring as passed on through the mother back to humankind’s first ancestor. The electromagnetic field, which lives inside the mother activates the pulse of the newborn.

That pulse is taken on by a clump of cells in just about the center of the new organism. But do you know what these cells are? Science has named them atrial-neural cells: cells that have the capability of functioning as either heart (beating – atrial) cells, OR Brain (information processing – neural) cells. For more info please visit these sites:-

This is no tiny concept, but there’s a cute little visual that hammers it all home. After a period defined by phenomenally rapid cell-division within the developing organism, a number of beating atrial-neural cells “migrate” in two tiny streams (like horns growing out of a head) from that central clump to a position closer to the outer edge of the organism. There, they come together to grow to become the organ that we know as the brain.

Think about this a moment: The brain actually comes from the heart. It is, in fact, an extension of it. Now feel this for a moment. If you can’t differentiate between thinking about the concept and being able to feel the experience of it, don’t worry, you’ll be getting some tools to help you sharpen your abilities.

But the whole thing gets even juicier, because something more interesting develops. After a while,


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