Carnival Cruise Discounts – The Number One Way to Get a Carnival Cruise Discount

Getting Carnival Cruise Discounts is easier than one would think. If you follow this simple tip you may find yourself saving on your booking of having a nice on board credit when you arrive at your chosen ship.

First we must realize why this strategy works. Carnival Cruise Lines has the largest cruise line fleet in the world. Having so many ships means that Carnival must be competitive with their pricing to fill all of the rooms. Carnival does this with price fluctuations. Much like an airline or hotel the price of a cruise booking-a-cruise can fluctuate from month to month, week to week and even day to day. We as cruisers can use this price fluctuation to our advantage.

The simplest way to get a discount is to watch Carnival Cruise prices each day. If you have already booked your cruise and have booked the early saver fare once you have found a discount you simply contact the cruise line or your travel agent and notify them of the price drop. You will then be given the discounted price. (Please check Carnival Cruise Lines website for their guarantee) For more info please visit sites:-

If you haven’t booked the early saver fare but find that the price of your booked cruise has dropped you may still be able to get a discount. Currently Carnival allows full refunds of your cruise fare if you are anywhere from 61 to 91 days from your cruise date depending on the length of the cruise. If you are able to get a full refund you can simply book at the cheaper rate and cancel your initial booking. (Please check Carnivals website to confirm you can get a full refund) cruise-ship-booking

The last booking guarantee Carnival offers is their 110% guarantee. Here if you find the price of your cruise cheaper within 48 hours of booking it you can request a refund of the difference. Not only will Carnival give you an on board credit for the difference by they will give you an extra 10%. comforthottubs

Even if you have not booked a cruise yet watching the price daily will help you determine when the best prices are offered. Although it can be time consuming to check the prices daily in the long run realizing a savings of $50, $100, $200 dollars or more can make it all worth it.


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