Is Mission Drift Killing Your Website’s Conversion Rate?

Getting huge amounts of traffic to your website is a good thing. But getting targeted traffic is absolutely essential to the success of your website. Lately you’ve noticed that your conversion rate is low, considering the amount of traffic you’ve been generating. So you should be asking the question- Is Mission Drift killing my website’s conversion rate?

For example let’s assume a small business website for a caterer in Buford Georgia, who services the Northern Metro Atlanta area with her business. She’s gotten the site professionally designed and showcases her product admirably. She’s added a blog, and is blogging about all the wonderful types of food that her company can prepare for an event, she’s blogged about wedding catering and catering for corporate events and dinner party catering, and she’s built up some great regular traffic on a bunch of long term key phrases for which her website is positioned on the first page of the search engine results. She’s joined twitter, she’s got a MySpace page, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page all funneling website traffic into her website. But when she asks the question “Where did you hear about me?” of a new client, nobody ever mentions her website. For more details please visit these sites:-

Why? Her website is suffering from Mission Drift.

In this particular instance her mission is to use her website to find people who are looking for a caterer in the Northern Metro Atlanta area. If someone from Colorado or Paris France reads her blogpost, they’re not going to hire her, no matter how impressed they are with her article, her business, her fabulous food, or her website. In analyzing her web content, there are only two places where her service area is mentioned – on her homepage and on her about page. Even worse, the location isn’t close in proximity to the keyphrases that will get her the targeted traffic looking for her business.

The simple solution is to include either Buford Georgia or Northern Metro Atlanta, or some of the other towns in the Northern Metro Atlanta area in every blogpost, associated to her business activities via close proximity with the main subject of the blogpost. Her business address in Buford Georgia, and a tagline about how her catering business services the Northern Metro Atlanta area should be included in the footer of every page of her website in text that the search engine spiders can read. More importantly, that location coupled with those great keyphrases should be used as offsite link text terms. This will pinpoint exactly who will benefit from her services and help her to get number one positioning for local search engine results in her area.

This is especially important for service businesses that are tied to a geographic area, since Google is now stressing Local Search in their search engine results for certain industries where localization is relevant.

There are many other ways that a website can stray from its intended mission. If your website isn’t converting, is it suffering from Mission Drift?


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