The Universal Laws of Mind and Spirit and Why You Should Know About Them!

I have some exciting news for you! There are fundamental and Universal Laws of mind and spirit at work in your life, right now that were created out of love, which will produce every good in your life, savegeeks if you choose to work with them. However, most people do not realize this. Very few people recognize or understand these laws, let alone apply them. Thankfully, that is slowly changing with the advancements of the media and through the movie and DVD industry. The ‘Secret’ DVD sold 3 million plus copies around the world because people could see and feel the truth in the Law of Attraction, the movies main focus. But the movie was limited in its explanation of all the Laws of Mind and Spirit and how they interact and left many with more questions than answers. But, questions are good! And it got the conversation started!

The Universal Laws of mind and spirit are not creditcana taught in school which is unfortunate since they are the basic principles by which our lives’ operates. What you are taught in school are the physical laws such as the laws of gravity, chemistry, atomic physics, planetary motion, natures’ laws of growth and reproduction and many more. As you know, all of these laws function reliably. You can always count on these physical laws to work in a certain way, all the time, no matter what. These laws are completely impartial-gravity works whether you are male or female, rich or poor, or live in the U.S. or Peru. They work without bribery; they are just and fair and when applied correctly, they benefit everyone!

When you consider these physical laws, their expresstrue comprehensive nature and their importance to our lives, does it not seem reasonable that the Creative Force which provided these laws for us would also provide laws of mind and spirit which we could also rely on to function effectively and reliably in our lives? It would not be logical or consistent for the Creator (God, Universe, All That Is) to provide such precise laws for your physical world and leave the functioning of your mental and spiritual world to chance or worse.

The missing link in the world today is a clear timesgym understanding of how the Universal Laws of mind and spirit operate in our lives. Without this understanding, your life can end up in difficulty, chaos, pain and confusion without understanding the reasons. With the understanding of these laws and how they work in your life, you can consciously take charge of and redirect your life in a positive way! Each one of the Universal Laws is a law of transformation. They are guidepost s to your path of transformation! Each one is like a piece to a giant jigsaw puzzle and when each piece is in place they form  oculuscredit a complete mosaic showing how life can be lived to be more meaningful, peaceful and joyful.

I believe we are all here to learn and understand these laws. When you have challenges, in your relationships, with your finances, or with your health, it is an invitation to seek out the answers to why your life is the way it is and what you can do about it. When you do you not depotblue only bring about our own personal growth and development, but by your growth, you also raise the consciousness of those around you and the ultimately, the world. And, the world could use a little consciousness raising, don’t you think?


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